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High Efficiency Modulating Water Boilers

The King's Company offers the broadest array of boiler systems in the area. Whether you need service on a traditional American made Cast Iron gas boilers, or want the latest high efficiency gas boiler systems installed, we have the experience and support necessary to help you make the right choice.

The fastest growing segment in hydronics today is high efficiency modulating water boilers. Based on technology first used in Europe and the Far East, these products are generally light weight, space saving, and utilize advanced control and operating systems.

Light weight and compact - these systems do not require traditional utility space. Rather, their modern styling and extremely quiet operation allows them to be installed in many applications that would simply not be possible with a traditional boiler.

Highly efficient modulating operation provides unparalleled comfort regardless of current weather conditions.

Typical applications range from homes and apartments up to very large institutional buildings such as schools, universities and government buildings.